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Illinois Property Assessment Institute was established more than 50 years ago to provide educational opportunities to assessment professionals throughout the state of Illinois. The mission of the Institute is to provide educational courses on property appraisal and assessment administration. To adhere to that mission, a comprehensive curriculum has been developed and is offered annually throughout the state.

All Institute courses are pre-approved by the Illinois Department of Revenue for pre-election and/or continuing education credit.

All Institute classes are taught by practicing assessment and business professionals.

The Institute confers the Certified Illinois Assessing Officer (CIAO) designation which is the primary designation used to qualify for election or appointment in the state of Illinois.


Rebecca Rossi, Executive Director
Brenda Corcoran, Registrar


Representing the County Assessment Officers Association:
Robert Yergler, Iroquois County
Larry Wilson, Rock Island County

Representing the Illinois Assessing Officer's Association:
Deb Lane, Meriden-Ophir-Troy Grove MTAD
Sheridan Meadows, Mt. Vernon Township
John Dabrowski, Bloomingdale Township
Grace Vetter, Princeton Township

Representing the Certified Illinois Assessing Officer's Association:
Rhonda Novak, Will County


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Monday, February 17, 2014 – Presidents' Day
Monday, May 26, 2014 – Memorial Day
Friday, July 4, 2014 – Independence Day
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014 – Veterans' Day
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How long will it take to find out what my grade is?
IPAI will make every effort to grade exams as quickly as possible. As a general rule, exams will be graded as quickly as possible after receiving the exams from the instructor. The grades will be reported in your permanent record and certificates will be mailed to you. If you have not received your grade within two weeks of the class, please call the IPAI office. For courses taken at the Spring Conference, please allow four weeks. As of January 1, 2003, exam scores will not be given over the phone.

What if I do not pass the exam?
If you fail to receive a minimum score (70%) on an exam, you will be notified. You re-take the exam if so desired.. Students must wait seven (7) days from the original test date and no longer than December 21 of the calendar year. The fee for re-taking an exam is $50.00. Students will be required to take the exam at one of the designated testing locations or the IPAI office. Call the IPAI to sign up for a testing time.

How long do I get for the exam?
Students will get a maximum of three hours for an examination.

How can I make sure that I will receive credit for a course?
With the new educational requirements in place, it is extremely important that students make sure they will get credit for the course. Students should take the time to review and understand their official IDOR transcript. Department of Revenue is no longer able to check for class credit. Therefore, prior to students registering for any class, they should:

  1. Check the course description for any classes that would keep them from receiving credit.
  2. Check their transcript to see whether they have received credit for the class or any exception class previously.
  3. Check their transcript to be sure they have available hours in the level and in the category in the level.

If a student has not received a passcode from DOR, they may find the "Internet Access Request" form at the bottom of the Education webpage at the Department's website – www.tax.illinois.gov.

When will stipend payments come out?
The annual stipend for Illinois assessing officials is administered by Illinois Department of Revenue. Questions concerning the stipend should be directed to the IDOR.

This class should be a higher level. How come the IPAI put it at a level…….?
The IPAI does not put the levels or categories on courses. Courses are submitted to the Department of Revenue and, if approved, a level and category is assigned by DOR.

How come there are not very many level 3 courses?
The IPAI believes that courses should be developed that are both meaningful and relevant to the assessment officials work. Courses are not developed with a predetermined level in mind. Good, quality, relevant, and useful courses are the goal.

How come you don’t have a course on ……..?
The IPAI is always interested in new course ideas. Students can submit course ideas in writing to the IPAI Education Director.

I’ve got an idea for a course. Who can I contact?
All course ideas should be submitted to the Education Director. The idea should be presented in an outline form.

How do I become an Instructor?
Anyone wishing to become an instructor for IPAI should submit a resume, along with a detailed listing of their specific areas of expertise, to the Education Director.

Can I take my test early?
Students may not take the exam early. If a student cannot take the exam at the scheduled time, arrangements should be made with the IPAI to take the exam at another time. The student will be required to take the exam at the IPAI offices or at one of the designated testing locations throughout the state. The student can obtain a listing of the testing locations by contacting the office.

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